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Green Machines just unveiled a new hydrogen fuel cell sweeper

The Dutch company is hoping the renewable energy will cut carbon emissions as a part of global goals.
Green Machines has announced the launch of a new hydrogen fuel cell sweeper, which was unveiled on November 11.
The company is using the new street sweeper design to help cut down on carbon emissions.
The Dutch sweeper manufacturer views hydrogen as a vital renewable energy source. It will play a central role in reducing carbon emissions to help countries and municipalities around the world to reach their ambitious goals. The newest fuel cell sweeper is a part of the company’s 500 series. The GM 500H2 was developed based on the design of its predecessor, the GM 500ze, which was a fully electric model. That said, this version also includes a spectrum of new potential.
This new model uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate the electricity needed to power the vehicle. The unique component of the GM 500H2 is the H2-POD system. According to Green Machines, that system makes it possible to overcome the challenge of having to invest in an infrastructure for hydrogen refuelling. Building that type of infrastructure can be a complex and costly process. By overcoming that challenge, the technology becomes more affordable.
The H2-POD system makes it possible for the fuel cell sweeper to be refuelled more conveniently.
The H2-POD is a flexible cartridge system. By using it, the machine can be refilled by the user whenever and wherever it is most convenient. Users that already have an existing hydrogen infrastructure can choose the 500H2 that has an installed fixed tank for their machinery. This makes it possible for the vehicle to be refuelled in a matter of minutes.
That said, the company also pointed to additional advantages of the GM 500H2 in that it is swappable, meaning that other models can also swap into using hydrogen fuel. For instance, current owners of the electric GM 500ze, that is powered by Li-Ion batteries, won’t need to purchase an entirely new machine to benefit from the latest H2 powered technology.
Instead, those users can request to convert their Li-Ion Light Pack or Li-Ion Plus Pack in their GM 500ze into the hydrogen fuel cell sweeper technology with either of the two available H2 system options.
Источник: www.hydrogenfuelnews.com