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Smart Testsolutions and MicroNova combine test technologies for fuel cell controllers

Smart Testsolutions and MicroNova are combining their expertise in the areas of fuel cell measurement technology and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) applications in a bid to order automobile manufacturers comprehensive test solutions for fuel cell control units.
The two companies have entered into a technological cooperation agreement.
MicroNova’s HiL simulator NovaCarts Fuel Cell was developed to allow comprehensive testing of control units for fuel cells.
NovaCarts Fuel Cell simulates the entire fuel cell stack as well as the environment of the associated control unit within the vehicle and can be extended for future technologies of FCCUs via firmware update.
The versatile, scalable HiL system is suitable for completely validating new functions in ECUs for fuel cell stacks.
“The targeted use of synergy effects is intended to give us technological leadership in fuel cell applications,” explained Wolfgang Neu, Managing Director of Smart Testsolutions.
“Working with MicroNova, we will in future be able to support our customers with ECU tests that require comprehensive HiL applications.”
“Combining the innovative concepts of both companies enables us to offer a technologically mature solution while significantly reducing both total cost of ownership and total cost of test,” added Dr. Klaus Eder, COO of MicroNova.

Источник: www.h2-view.com